Phoebe Kreutz

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Phoebe Kreutz is constantly writing musicals. Here are some in development:


Go! Go! gilgamesh!

Didn't read "Gilgamesh" In high school? Now you never have to!

The world's first written epic gets a joke-folk makeover in this spirited romp through ancient Mesopotamia. It's about love, friendship and the adventure that defined humanity as we know it. Also, there's a conga line.

Read our review from Frigid Fest NYC here.

The single greatest play I’ve ever seen.
— Hal Johnson Books

The New world

Plymouth Rock lands on its head when some high-class Indians suddenly find themselves surrounded by a bunch of smelly, incompetent Pilgrims. Can a pair of star-crossed lovers force their families to get along before it's too late? 

Lyrics by Phoebe Kreutz

Music by Gary Adler

Book by Regina DiCicco and L.F. Turner

AWESOMER & AWESOMER is a little gem: hilarious, smart, heartfelt, and beautifully performed. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the best revue I’ve seen in years.
— David Henry Hwang

awesomer & Awesomer

Songs, songs and more songs. This is a tiny but thrilling review of some of Phoebe's greatest hits.

Produced at the Triad Theater starring Ann Harada, Gwen Hollander, Carey Anderson, Travis Morin and/or Adam Halpin


The dirty hippie jam band project

A gaggle of super-fans are determined to follow their favorite jam band to the ends of the earth. Will they let love, psychedelics or even reality get in their way? Umm...maybe?

This is an old-fashioned romantic comedy set among the port-o-potties of a modern-day concert circuit.

Lyrics by Phoebe Kreutz

Music by Daniel Israel