Phoebe Kreutz

Songs and Words and Shows

Genuinely funny
— The New York Times
The kingpin of the joke folk genre.
— The New Yorker

Phoebe Kreutz is a NYC-based singer, lyricist, songwriter and event writer She's released four studio albums, toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States and written a ton of musicals.

She is a member of many bands including The Pizza Underground, Piaf the Eiffel Tower and Urban Barnyard

In 2016, a developmental workshop of her joke-folk musical "Yolo, Gilgamesh!" was underwritten by the New York Society Library.  She's the recipient of the BMI Harrington Award for lyric writing and the Ellen Schwartz Award for Literary Merit in Lyrics.

Her lyrics and songs have been performed by such luminaries as Ann Harada, John Tartaglia and Macaulay Culkin.

Past projects include songs for Disney's "Johnny and the Sprites" and Alex Timbers's "Dance Dance Revolution" (both with frequent partner-in-crime Gary Adler).