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10:15 AM10:15

Star-Studded Nite of Total Delight

A night of wonderment awaits you at the Sidewalk Cafe. I'll be singing songs at 10:15 but you'll want to catch the whole evening!

8:00 Mindtroll

8:45 Dan Fishback

9:30 Leslie Graves

10:15 Phoebe Kreutz

11:00 Lusterlit

11:45 Nan + the One nite Stands

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to Feb 28

Go! Go! Gilgamesh!

2017 FRIGID Festival presents

A Ragged Man production of

Go! Go! Gilgamesh!

Yael Rizowy & Paris Ellsworth. Photo by Joshua Simpson

Yael Rizowy & Paris Ellsworth. Photo by Joshua Simpson

Written by Phoebe Kreutz

Directed by Jacob Brandt

February 15th - 28th as part of the 2017 FRIGID Festival 

Feb 15 8:50pm, Feb 18 5pm, Feb 21 10:30pm, Feb 25 5pm, Feb 28 8:50pm

$18 at (on sale January 15)

The Kraine Theater, 85 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10003

The epic of the Gilgamesh is the first story ever written down by human beings and it is a doozy. Sex, power, violence, love, guilt, and death- it's all there. But now the classic tale is getting a lively, irreverent makeover in this high-spirited musical romp complete with cardboard sets, a self-orchestrated cast and toe-tapping joke folk hits!

With influences ranging from P.G. Wodehouse and Jonathan Richman to DMX, "Go! Go! Gilgamesh!" provides a clear way in to a sometimes-intimidating text. It’s tuneful. It’s irreverent. It’s got a magic bull, a sneaky prostitute, and a conga line. And all of this surrounds the genuine emotional core of our shared mortality. Yay!

The super sexy cast includes Paris Ellsworth, Susan Hwang, Phoebe Kreutz, Ezra Lowrey, Kim Onah, Michael Perrie Jr. and Yael Rizowy. 

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8:00 PM20:00

Stories & Songs

This is a lovely, private event in beautiful, scenic Jersey City! And anyone can attend! People will tell stories "Moth-style" and I'll sing songs that "complement" them. There are drinks and snacks and everyone has a swell time.

This time the stories are by NPR's Ophira Eisenberg & The New Yorker's Adam Wade and The Liar Show's Andy Christie.

(interested parties should email for details

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